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SiLeBAT – Securing feed a nd food supply chains from bioterrorism and agroterrorism

The project SiLeBAT is focussing on contamination in the food chain caused by bioterrorism and/or agroterrorism. These damages might endanger the population directly via infected food or indirectly via contaminated livestock.

In Germany and the European market on the whole some crisis events in the agri-food sector have led to a rethinking: It became evident that the sensitivity and vulnerability of the global food chain requires not only cross stages and cross border crisis management exercises but also an intense contribution of the public private sector. Therefore by the joint contribution of all participants active in the sector of crises prevention and crises handling, decision-makers and executives in the public private sector should be prepared well for counter terrorist cooperation.

Within this project GIQS is subcontractor within a work-package of the University of Bonn. Its task is the preparation and organization of workshops for transferring project results to other involved persons.

The overall aim of the joint SiLeBAT project (www.silebat.de) is to demonstrate the technical, functional and organisational elements of a web-based information and service platform for crisis management.

More generally, the concept should be regarded as an example of the great potential for public-private partnership structures as a basis for innovative solutions in the fields of agriculture, food safety and consumer protection.