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GIQS in fruit and vegetable business

To be able to offer a product of continuous high quality to the consumer, different production and business processes of the participating trade levels have to be harmonized in the sense of a collective quality policy. The quality of the product thereby is determinated by the used resources, the growth methods and conditions as well as storage and logistics. Inter enterprise efforts for the improvement of process and product quality in the whole chain are more efficient than selfdependent measures related to only one stage.

Tomatoes are the most eaten vegetables there are. About 17,5 kilograms are eaten by German consuments over a year. Even more often the apple stands on the menue: About 30 kilograms are eaten per head per year. Because of their high importance for the market and the region apples and tomatoes are chosen as research objects.

Since October 2003, there is an exemplary cooperation between German and Dutch growers, supported by consultancy organisations like the Landwirtschaftskammer NRW as well as leading sellers together with the Edeka Fruchtkontor as a wholesale business and the downstream food retailing shops. For the first time a chain comprehensive information system in the fruit and vegetable business is developed. Along the lines of the first GIQS Interreg III A project in meat production quality relevant information will in the future be won on all production and business stages and be given back to the growers and suppliers.

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