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Work packages

Key aspects

WP 1: Status quo-analysis and project design

  • Determination of the current state of school meal systems in research, especially for the fruit and vegetable sector and school fruit programs:
    • Current structures of the school catering market
    • Availability and delivery of fruit and vegetables
    • Quality standards for fruit and vegetables in the school catering
    • Structures of the SME network and innovation potentials in the fruit and vegetable sector
    • Detailed project planning in coordination with the associated partners

WP 2: Qualitative analysis of the current supply system of the EU-Schulobstprogramm NRW

  • Identification of factors of success, constraints as well as requests, limitations or deficits and assessment of the existing supply system of the EU-Schulobstprogramm in NRW:
    a.) from the view of the schools
    b.) from the view of the suppliers

WP 3: Analysis of the quality

  • Detection of alterations in fruit and vegetable quality on different stages of the supply chain in the school fruit program: producers / suppliers, during delivery and distribution in schools (status quo)
  • Identification of causes of possible quality losses based on chemical and physical examinations
  • Target-oriented, cause-specified optimization of the quality
  • Setting of thematic key aspects for the training in WP 5

WP 4: Holistic examination of the qualitative studies

  • Identification of limitations in the current supply system of the EU-Schulobstprogramm NRW
  • Comparison of existing supply systems in the face of quality, organization and satisfaction of relevant target groups
  • Identification of potentials for improvement in the current supply system

WP 5: Training concerning hygiene during preparation and storage of fruit and vegetables

  • Accomplish workshops to increase competences in school catering for all relevant target groups
  • Training concerning hygiene during the preparation and storage of fruit and vegetables
  • Enhancement of a commercial retail-concept which meets all requirements and precognitions of schools

WP 6: Pilot project

  • To improve the quality and diversity of fruit and vegetables a central distribution system including straight delivery to schools could be developed and verified by way of example
  • Identification of the practicability as well as feasibility and efficiency

WP 7+8: Public relations and transfer of knowledge + Project management

  • New findings, expertise as well as innovative concepts and products, which will occur during the project, will be available for a comprehensive circle of interested parties of economy, politics, administration and science with help of appropriate media
  • Knowledge transfer to increase the competence of the participating target groups
  • Management and realization of project activities