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Completed Projects

e-H@C HUPAction

The large quantity of diseases caused by EHEC pathogens in 2011 gave reason to the project "e-H@C HUPAction". During the crisis it became clearly that there was a lack of cross-border communication and of an agreement upon the procedural method in case of an outbreak. This dutch-german project might give a new impulse to consumer protection, to public health care and the competitive ability of the agri-business. More information available on the German and Dutch websites.

Economic Vaccination

Aim of the project „Economic Vaccination“ is to prepare livestock farmers in the Dutch-German border for the consequences arising from vaccination in case of epidemic deseases and to protect them from economic disadvantages. More information available on the German and Dutch websites.


The objective of Q-PorkChains was to develop innovative, integrated and sustainable food production chains of high quality pork products matching consumer demands, by development and testing of advanced and multi-disciplinary approaches for identification, characterisation, prediction, and control of the quality of pork and pork products in different stages of the pork chain in diverse production systems.

GIQS took the role as “SME Liaison Office”, to inform Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) throughout entire Europe about the development and results of Q-PorkChains and to support their involvement in project activities.