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GIQS Executive Board Enlarged

Workshop on project ideas for the INTERREG V promotion periods – honours for commitment in cross-border cooperation

The main focus of this year’s Members’ Meeting of GIQS e.V. on 13 November in the premises of Euregio in Kleve was the adoption of a roadmap for further development of the association’s structure. The first step in this direction was the enlargement of the Executive Board from three to four persons. The members voted for Dr. Martin Hamer as new Chair of the organisation. He has managed the association as Executive Director since 2007.

Dr. Hamer will consistently continue the adopted approach toward more practice-orientation for future GIQS projects. He will take over the Chair in the phase which is now beginning, during which specific projects ideas for the coming INTERREG V programme are to be agreed on a cross-border basis. The above-mentioned objectives are being achieved through an increased integration of universities and relevant networks of the agricultural and food industries and a stronger focus on structural development programmes. Furthermore, Dr. Hamer extends the GIQS’s networking beyond Europe’s borders (for instance to China, Africa) through his previous activities.

Prof. Dr. Brigitte Petersen, Chair of the International FoodNetCenter of the University of Bonn, will continue promoting selective focussing of the association in national (for instance Bonn.realis and FoodNetCenter Bonn) and international networks (for instance FoodDACH, FoodBest).

Dr. Helmut Saatkamp, who teaches at the University of Wageningen (NL), was confirmed as secretary. His field of research involves forecast models for estimating the economic impacts of animal diseases.

Johan Zandbergen will also continue to be the treasurer at the association.


Awarding the GIQS prizes 

This year within the framework of the Members’ Meeting, people were honoured who had particularly earned recognition through their work for cross-border research, development and transfer of knowledge in the agricultural and food industries. The Cross Border Public Private Partnership Award (CBP³) was presented to Prof. Dr. Alexander Friedrich, Head of the Department of Microbiology and Hospital Hygiene at the University of Groningen. He had particularly made an international name for himself with his work on multi-resistant germs, and had consistently followed this approach in the sense of a “One Health” strategy. Within the framework of the SafeGuard project, in particular the interdisciplinary aspects of his approach could be further pursued and expanded.

Furthermore, the Dutchwoman Geralda E. Hop was honoured by receiving the Junior Award. In her dissertation at the University of Wageningen she developed measures for combating highly contagious animal diseases in connection with cross-border livestock trade and transport within the framework of the SafeGuard project.

Preisverleihung durch Dr. Martin Hamer an Geralda Hop

This year prior to the Members’ Meeting, specific project ideas for the coming INTERREG V promotion period were drawn up for a workshop for members and potential project partners. This involved the One Health Strategy, Animal Welfare and Modern Animal Husbandry, Reduction of Food Waste as well as Sustainable Use of Organic Waste.

Geralda E. Hop was honoured by
Dr. Martin Hamer

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