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German Food Clusters

Networks establish their website

In 2012, the four major food networks foodRegioGIQSNieKE and FPI established a metadata platform to support the further development of the German food industry through innovative projects. This is - especially in light of the still insufficient knowledge about the actual innovation in the food industry - a task which a single network, of course, can not and do not want to create on their own.  

On their newly established website www.germanfoodclusters.org the four networks formulate five main fields of action, on which further common activities and projects should focus. These topics will be apart from food and quality safety particularly product and process innovation, technology transfer, human resources, sustainability and resource efficiency – which are identified as meta-themes of the century not only for the food industry. All four networks have a broad and long-lasting experience, they are well settled and represent more than 350 enterprises of the German food industry.   

By means of the website the German Food Clusters wants to stimulate the communication with other food chain networks and initiatives in order to initiate common national and international projects to strengthen the development and competitiveness of the German food industry.   

All four networks are members of the initiative go-cluster which is managed and supported by the Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy.

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