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Meeting of young scientists

On 5 March 2012 eleven young European researchers met in Berlin. They took the opportunity to participate in a workshop about time management, which is expected to be useful for a good balance between training, job and private life. The workshop was significantly organized by Deutsche Raiffeisenverband (DRV), one of the project partners of Quarisma (QUAlity and RISk MAnagement in meat chains). The young researchers are recruited and exchanged as part of the EU-founded project Quarisma. The exchange of researchers is not limited inter-sectoral between economy and science. Most of them are recruited and exchanged across the german-dutch border.

Thematically, Quarisma is working on the topics "chain management", "quality and communication management" as well as "food security and risk management, which are of great economic relevance especially in the german-dutch border area as well as in South Bavaria. The trans-border co-operation between science and economy during training offers the participating scientists the best opportunities to work in their area of expertise.


Exchange and advanced training

The project Quarisma, which has started in autumn 2009 with an operating time of four years, is coordinated by GIQS, which is also responsible for the transfer of knowledge to various target groups. Till today five postgraduate students were exchanged to enterprises in context with their studies, partly inner-german and partly border crossing. The exchange of at least two more candidates is currently in preparation.

Furthermore, two scientists were exchanged from universities to enterprises right after having finished their postgraduate studies and four scientists, employed in enterprises after terminating their postgraduate studies, were exchanged to the University of Wageningen (The Netherlands).

In addition to the exchange of scientists between the involved institutions the project partner VION, as well as the project coordinator GIQS, recruited one experienced scientist from outside the project consortium for a limited duration (24 and 18 month). This summer another scientist will start working at GIQS as part of the Quarisma-project. His tasks will be amongst others the preparation and realization of a Quarisma-conference including a workshop, which will be expected to take place in the first half of 2013 in Warsaw.

The project Quarisma is aided as IAPP project (Industry Academia Partnership and Pathways) of the specific program Human Being (Marie Curie) of the 7. framework program of the European Community.

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