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GIQS was awarded a European Quality Label for Cluster Management

The European Commission has launched a number of cluster related projects and initiatives aiming at the improvement of cluster policy within Europe and improving the efficiency of existing efforts in cluster management. Started in september 2009 Cluster-Excellence.eu – the European Cluster Excellence Initiative – constitutes a central pillar within this approach. The overall approach developed within the European Cluster Excellence Initiative is to create an independent, voluntary proof of cluster management excellence which is accepted and recognised all over Europe. The Quality label will motivate cluster managers to compare with each other and to learn from the best. The element of “mutual benchmarking” plays an important role. The Quality Label is applicable for a variety of different types of clusters and has to be renewed every two years.

GIQS took part in the benchmarking conducted in the context of the project NGPExcellence – Cluster Excellence in the Nordic Countries, Germany and Poland. In october 2011 GIQS was awarded with the Bronze Label for Cluster Management . The project, which benchmarked 143 clusters in seven European Countries, was initiated by the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation and supported by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology and its cluster program “Initiative Kompetenznetze Deutschland”, the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Nordic Innovation Centre (NICe) and by innovation agencies from Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Poland.

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