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Awards for GIQS staff members

On november 20th the Deutsch-Ungarische-Gesellschaft in Germany (DUG) awarded the 2nd step of the “DUG Wolfgang Kessler Agrarforschungspreis“ 2009 to Dr. agr. Adriane Mack. Dr. Mack is recently responsible for the financial affairs of GIQS. The prize has been awarded to her on behalf of her dissertation „Utilisation concept of an integrated audit and document management system in the corporated health management of the pig production chain“. The prize is awarded annually alternately in Germany and Hungary and is allocated with 1.000 Euro.

In September 2009 Oliver Breuer M.A., currently working as project manager within the SafeGuard project, has been awarded the 2nd prize for his lecture „Cross-border CSF control, improving crisis system management“ on the occasion of the international symposium „Dynamics of diseases within populations, impact of surveillance- and vaccinating programmes“ in Giessen. The award is granted by the Österreichische Gesellschaft der Tierärzte, the Deutsche Veterinärmedizinische Gesellschaft and the Epidemiologie Tiergesundheit Suisse.

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