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Business meets Science

1st International Meat Week in Bonn

The highlight of the week is the Open Conference on November the 18th:

Experts of research and meat industry will meet on the 1st International Meat Week in Bonn.
Within the `Meat Week´ an open conference will take place with the title `Improving the quality of pork for the consumer´. Therefore we would like to invite everyone who is interested. There will presentations be held from the view of research and practice about the following topics:

1. Chain to consumer
2. Pork quality and novel convenient products
3. New breeding technology and sustainable farming

In addition a workshop `Pig health management´ for farmers, advisors and veterinarians will take place on 17.11.2009 (free of charge).

The registration for the conference is open starting August the 15th via www.q-porkchains.org and via fax from now.

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