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The association GIQS e.V.


Brussels: First idea for the start of a Dutch-German cooperation for collaborative and trans border research in the agro-food sector. Initiation of a cross border, inter enterprise initiative on quality and health management in meat chains.

March 28th, 2001

Duesseldorf: foundation of the non profit organisation "Cross border integrated quality assurance" GIQS e.V., based in Kleve, German.Founding Members: University of Bonn, Wageningen Universiteit, Landwirtschaftskammer Rheinland, Landwirtschaftskammer Westfalen-Lippe, Gezondheidsdienst voor Dieren Deventer, Versandschlachthof Niederrhein GmbH & Co Kalkar Betriebs K.G., EGO – Holding GmbH & Co. KG Georgsmarienhütte, Mrs. Prof. Dr. Brigitte Petersen.

March 2001

first project application: Interreg IIIA project of the Euregio Rhine Waal: "Cross border quality assurance systems (GIQS) in meat chains".

December 2001

Approval of the first project: "GIQS in meat chains".

October 2002

Approval of the second project: Interreg IIIA project of the Euregio Rhine Maas North: "Cross border quality assurance systems (GIQS) in food producing SMES".

December 4th, 2002

GIQS wins the award "Food Processing NRW 2002" organised by the Food Processing Initiative and awarded by the Ministry of Economy and Labour of North Rhine Westphalia.

September 2003

Approval of the third project: Interreg IIIA project of the Euregio Rhine Maas North: Cross border quality assurance systems (GIQS) in fruits and vegetable chains.

January, 2005

Approval of the application for the IIIC-Initiative "PromSTAP - Promoting the Stable to Table Approach".

March, 2005

Fourth project application: Interreg IIIA-project "GIQS - Managing Risks".

October 18th-21st, 2006

PromSTAP congress in Genua, Italy.

January 2007

Start of the project Q-PorkChains (EU FP 6).

June 2007

Change of Executive director: After 5 years working for GIQS Dr. Gereon Schulze Althoff has decided to take on a fresh challenge in his career. Dr. Martin Hamer takes over the responsibility of the Executive director.

October 3rd-6th, 2007

2nd Annual Congress of PromSTAP in Vidin, Bulgaria.

November, 2007

Start of the project AIDA - Alliances for information and service agencies to the horizontal grouping of functions of coordinating in the quality, health and risk management of the meat industry.

November 19th-22nd, 2007

First annual congress of Q-PorkChains in Monells, Spain.

January 2008

For its innovative role in knowledge transfer between business and science GIQS was awarded the cooperation prize for Food Processing of the federal state North Rhine-Westfalia (D).

October 2008

2nd Annual Congress of Q-PorkChains in Rennes, France.

July 2009

Start of the “Safeguard” project. The project is dealing with the topics animal health, zoonoses and food security in the dutch-german border area.

September, 2009

Application of the projects QUARISMA and FIN-Q.NRW. QUARISMA is a project of European partners from industry and science financed by the subproject IAPP (Industry-Academia Partnerships and Pathways) in context with the 7th framework programme of the EU. The scientific network “Innovation durch Qualitätskommunikation” (FIN-Q.NRW) is financed in line with an initiative of the federal state North Rhine-Westfalia (D).

April 2010

Start of MeKoTech (a network initiative, measuring and communication technology and innovation).

October 2010

Application of the project SiLeBAT (Sicherstellung der Futter- und Lebensmittelwarenkette bei bio- und agro-terroristischen (BAT)-Schadenslagen), GIQS is subcontractor.

October 2011

Application of the project "Frucht macht Schule", which aims to strenghen the capacity to compete of SMEs in market gardening.

October 2011

GIQS was awarded with the Bronze Label by the European Cluster Excellence Initiative.

August 2012

GIQS is a member of  "go-cluster - exzellent vernetzt!", an initiative of the Ministry for Economy and Technology (BMWi).

September 2012

Application of the project Minapig, GIQS is subcontractor.

September 2012

Change of Management Board: Peter van der Wolf as well as Ruud Huirne retired. Their responsibilities are taken over by Johan Zandbergen (finances) and Helmut W. Saatkamp (secretary).

January 2013

Application and kick-off event of the new project e-H@C HUPAction. GIQS is project partner and responsible for the accomplishment of cirsis exercise.

November 2013

Change within the board. The members elect Dr. Martin Hamer as new chairman. Prof. Dr. Brigitte Petersen, who has been chairwoman of the organisation since its foundation, was confirmed as deputy chairwoman as well as Johan Zandbergen (finances) and Helmut W. Saatkamp (secretary).

March 2014

Dr. Martin Hamer decided to take on a fresh challenge in his career. He takes over the responsibility as Executive director.at "Internationales Zentrum für Nachhaltige Entwicklung", situated at the "Hochschule Bonn Rhein-Sieg". Nevertheless he keeps the responsibility as chairman of GIQS.

April 2014

Application of the short-term study "economic vaccination".

November 2014

The general meeting decided to change the organisation statutes. In future GIQS will be maneged by a three-man board working voluntary. This board will be controlled and advised by a supervisory board. Members of the executive board are: Dr. Martin Hamer, Dr. Maren Bruns und Dr. Oliver Breuer.

January 2015

Kick-off event of the new project MarkiT (meat brand program to integrate animal welfare), supported by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rentenbank.

February 2016

Kick-off event of the new INTERREG V A project FOOD2020, in which GIQS is one of several regional partners.

October 2016

At the general meeting, Dr. Ing. Judith Kreyenschmidt was elected as a new member on the GIQS board, thus replacing Dr. Maren Bruns as vice chairman.

February 2017

Kick-off event of the new INTERREG V A project Food Pro·tec·ts, in which GIQS is lead partner.

May 2017

At the general meeting altered articels of association were resolved. In addition, a new two-member management board was elected. Dr. Oliver Breuer (Chairman) and Tim Mäkelburg (Vice Chairman) are part of it.